Alexander Hamilton and I!



Wow, that does have a nice ring to it! This title, however,  is not hyperbole but based on truth. Alexander Hamilton and I did have a romance once upon a time.

And no it was not with the founding father of the United States! Humph…I am not THAT old YET!

My fling was with the great, great and I think great grandson of Alexander Hamilton, who had inherited his name and as I remember not much else.And truth be told it was not much of a grand romance, which could have been because we were only in 7th grade at the time.

Recently when I visited the New York Stock exchange, I was reminded of this long ago association, when someone pointed out that Hamilton’s grave was only a stone’s throw from where I was on Wall Street.



So afterwards, I marched over to the Trinity Church Cemetery to get a quick look.

Unfortunately, it was the end of the day and the cemetery was closed to visitors. Undeterred, I marched around the outskirts and managed to photograph his grave over a high wrought iron fence.

With the award winning musical Hamilton gaining so much popularity, I wonder if his final resting place is getting a lot more visitors these days.



The musical tells the story of a scrappy young immigrant, whose mother was a prostitute and father a Scot, who forever changed the course of America. Mr. Miranda’s dazzling rap lyrics pull off rhymes like “line of credit” and “financial diuretic”.  I think he would relish all of the attention his story has garnered as a result. Though I’m sure that the link between hip-hop and the world of 18th-century politics would be completely lost on him.





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