Beauty Flash!

Another drum roll please!  After using Eva Lom Crème for the last few months, I’m convinced it’s the best face cleanser on the market.   Of course I felt validated when I read that Vogue Magazine declared it to be ‘probably the best cleanser in the world’.   But let’s forget about the superlatives.  All I know for sure is how it makes my skin feel.

I decided to try it after a friend, who has a glowing and radiant appearance, recommended it to me. The first thing I noticed was that it deep cleans without drying out or stripping the skin and is also remarkably good at removing stubborn waterproof makeup.

The cleanser gently exfoliates the skin to regenerate the cells quickly.  With the help of a muslin cleansing cloth, which I highly recommend that you purchase along with the cleanser, it tones and improves circulation.

But what I think I love best about it is that the cleansing process makes you feel like you have just had a spa treatment.

So do give it a try and please let me know what you think.  Sharing is caring after all.

Photos by Ashley Urban


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