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Miss R’s Lemon and Garlic Chicken

I’m always looking for the perfect chicken recipe. With this Lemon and Garlic concoction, I think I’ve found it. With very little effort, you can have crispy chicken, tender meat and an epic sauce. Using a whole head of garlic for four chicken thighs may sound outrageous. But trust me, the garlic becomes very sweet

Santa Barbara, Tacos and Julia Child

Julia Child’s favorite restaurant in Santa Barbara, where she lived late in life, was La Super Rica Taqueria, a down and dirty taco joint. The reigning goddess of French cuisine openly shared her love of dining there in interviews with Bon Appetit, Good Morning America, which inspired an article in The New Yorker. I just

Summer Series: Alfresco Baby!

Fresh ocean air, glimmering beach, warm ambience and oh-so-beautiful people are just some of the reasons  to make a dinner reservation at the Galley Restaurant next time you’re in Nantucket.  Oh yes, and let’s not forget about the utterly delicious food, which is inspired by the island’s abundant seafood and by the restaurant’s own organic garden.

A Southampton Swan Song

How often does a swan crash a pool party and steel the show? Well that’s what happened to me recently when I was visiting a dear friend at her home in Southampton, Long Island. One minute, I’m happily floating around her pool on a giant inflatable griffon and the next I’m doing the backstroke next

Summer Series: Alfresco Darling!

Finding an outstanding outdoor restaurant with top-notch food in San Francisco is no easy task. But thanks to my friend Frank, my quest was realized when he introduced me to Stem Kitchen and Garden. Stem has it all: exceptional food, a slick interior, bocce, fire pits and awesome views of the bay.Not to stop there,