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Gwyneth, Gossip and Goop

A little over a year ago, Star magazine named Gwyneth Paltrow as the “most hated celebrity” and People, as the “world’s most beautiful woman.” These two opposing viewpoints highlight just how polarizing the actress has become. There are clearly the anti-Gwynethites, who find her views out of touch with the common folk and the pro-Gwynethites,

In the Mood For…

One of my favorite things to do in San Francisco is to pick out flowers for the week at the Bud Stop on Union Street.   It has an amazing array of fresh flowers. It’s so much fun to hand select an assortment of blossoms, which the owner then magically arranges into a perfect bouquet.

Black and White Fashion for Spring!

  Pairing Black and white clothes is perfect for spring or an anytime look. Like the ebony and ivory keys on the piano, black and white outfits are classic and meant to be played off of each other. Black is usually associated with sophistication. It also has an added benefit of making you look slimmer, especially

Every Thing Is Coming up Roses!

  Spring has sprung early in San Francisco! With temperatures soaring into the mid- 70s, cherry blossom trees have erupted in blossoms, as have the roses. So what’s a girl to do other than break out and slip on, an outfit I was planning on wearing this Spring-season and not mid-February! You certainly won’t get

Be the Light of the Party!

I stumbled upon these clutches by bag maker Kotur , featuring a sound activated flash panel that will light up your evening, when it senses any sound or music.                       These clutches are as marvelously whimsical as they are technologically advanced. With its “Lady Luck”

Where to Shop for the Man who has Everything!

Yes, I’m referring to my husband, who isn’t materialistic and very content with the few, well-curated pieces that he owns. That’s all fine and great until his birthday or Christmas rolls around and I throw myself into full throttle search mode for that very special gift!     My search comes to a screeching halt

A San Francisco Gem

Walking into Frank Ancona’s jewelry studio and salon off of Union Square is always one of my favorite things to do in San Francisco. Each time I’m met with a treasure trove of beautifully designed and executed works of art.  Then there is the fun of being with one of the most charming, funny and


We’ve all been there.  You purchase something special and before you even have a chance to use it; your children or pets leave their mark.  Well, in my case it was a Louis Vuitton wallet that I bought with my initials emblazoned in gold. I hadn’t even had it for a week before one of

Something Old, Something new… 

With wedding season still in high gear, you don’t need to buy a whole new outfit or even a new dress for each occasion.  A few well chosen accessories transformed my beloved Halston Heritage dress into a whole new look. The same Halston Heritage dress as last seen in my post  “Get me to the

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

  ​​ Dinner parties have been on my mind lately, probably because I haven’t hosted one lately. It has always been one of my favorite forms of entertainment.  I love the idea of mixing people of different interests and just sitting at the dining table for hours talking. For me the intimate spirit of eating

Treasure Hunting in Florence

There is an over abundance of treasures to be found in Florence.   Breathtaking masterpieces by Michelangelo, such as the iconic statue of David, which is housed at the Academia di Belle Arti di Firenze, the Medici’s Renaissance art collection at the Uffizi Gallery and of course the hand made gold jewelry on display along the