Packing for vacation always involves a lot editing as you go.  My rule of thumb is to lay out everything on my bed that I think I need and then remove half of them.  This also saves you the trouble of having to write a packing list.

 It’s always a good idea to stick to similar or matching palettes.  Black and white combinations were nixed for this trip to Italy in favor of all shades of blue.  The blue water of the Mediterranean comes to mind here.

The temperature of where you’re going also comes into play when packing.  Tuscany in August is invariable hot, hot, hot.  So I chose to bring only light and airy shirts, dresses and caftans, a straw hat, sunglasses and tons of sunscreen.  I also couldn’t resist throwing in a few baubles, just in case a Contessa comes calling.

The good news about forgetting to bring something is that you can invariably buy it where you’re going… unless of course your trip is to the desert of Sudan.

(Photos here and in my recent “Beauty Flash!” were taken and styled by the very talented Ashley Urban!)


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