Leos Oyster Bar

all photographs taken by Ashley Urban

When I stepped through the imposing black and gold doors at Leos Oyster Bar, I couldn’t help but smile at tropical wall paper,  mother of pearl chandeliers, a long pink onyx bar with an oyster container at the end and a neat row of tables set before pleated banquets.

This mid-century glamour was enhanced by the juxtaposing of sounds.  Pop and Hip Hop music could  be heard, along with the rhythmic cadence of cocktails being shaken, the pop of champagne corks, the click of glasses and the muffled conversation of well-heeled patrons.  It all felt like a party was underway and I was lucky enough to be invited.

This is a private room that you can take over for par

The menu was enlightened with just the right choices of traditional and new.  The champagne and cocktail lists certainly beckoned as well.

I’m happy to say that the food held its own against this glittering backdrop.  The oysters were just begging to be scooped up and devoured.

The lobster roll sandwich was potentially the best lobster roll that I’ve eaten.  It was perfectly prepared, making it fragrant and so tasty.

The Louie salad was updated here with little gems, radishes, tobiko and sieved eggs and a choice of fresh crab, shrimp or both.  I picked the crab, which was truly exceptional.

The one dish that I wouldn’t order again is the ahi-tuna confit with cucumber and picked tomatoes, because it failed to meet my expectations

The true star of the meal was the divine classic bittersweet chocolate Mousse christened with gold flecks, which was served in a miniature brass pineapple.   It’s the prettiest chocolate mousse you’ll ever come across.

All this is just the fuel you’ll need for an afternoon full of meetings, or possibly just one spent lingering over coffee or an after-dinner drink at Leos.  Whatever the world throws you.  Though if it’s the latter, be sure to invite me along too!

568 Sacramento Street, San Francisco.  P:415-872-9982  W: leossf.com






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    Wish I could skip across THAT BAY BRIDGE!
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