Look Out! Here’s Some Great Tips For Your Eyes Only!

(Photograph by Annie Barnett)


Under eye skin is very thin to begin with, and wrinkles easily especially as you age. The key is to moisturize that area, which allows makeup to glide on seamlessly.

The absolute best moisturizers on the market are three products that when used together plump up the skin and banish any of those thin lines.

I first swipe on the moisturizing toner Son & Park Beauty Water ($30, sokoglam.com)

Then I place Tatcha Deep Hydration Revitalizing Eye Mask, under my eyes for 10 minutes ($12 for a set of two.










And lastly, I massage in the rich eye cream and facial moisturizer SK-ll R.N.A. a Radical New Age power Cream. ($230, Sephora.com) I know it’s a little costly, but you will only need a little bit for under the eyes.

Some rules of thumb to keep in mind, when dealing with the under eye area:

  • Never tug, pull, or rub your eyes. This stresses the skin, which can lean to fine lines and wrinkles. I use my pinky and gently pat when I’m applying cream and other products to that area.
  • Don’t leave makeup on longer then you have to. When you remove it, do it right to keep the area completely clean.
  • Remember that dark and puffy eyes can be a sign that you’re not getting enough sleep or hydration.


What are some of your top tricks to keep your eyes beautiful?



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