Great Finds in Nantucket Nantucket! Part 1


One thing that I love about Nantucket is that it doesn’t change. I’ve been going there for years and every time I return it always seems frozen in time. It keeps its old world charm not only by design but also as a byproduct of the island’s relative inaccessibility. Thirty miles off the shores of Cape Cod, Nantucket has always been a world apart.   (Its name derives from the native Wampanoag for “faraway island”)

Now isolation accounts for just some of Nantucket’s preservation; the islanders themselves have done the rest. The arrival of a Ralph Lauren store on Main Street in 2006 so upset locals that the town passed an ordinance: From then on, no chains of any sort could move downtown. So now there’s no danger of Starbucks taking over my beloved Nantucket pharmacy.

During a recent visit to a friend’s home on the island, I decided to reacquaint myself with some of my favorite places to shop. What I love about the stores in Nantucket is that for the most part you can find items that you can’t buy anywhere else.   Follow me and I’ll show you what I mean.

Style Paris is one of my favorite stores in Nantucket.  Open for the season, it has fresh yet classical Parisian inspired clothes.

What I particularly love about the collection, besides the incredible fabrics and attention to details, are the made to order offerings.

This emphasis on bespoke clothing provides the customers with individually cut garments made to their measurements and specifications. The owner and designer Susan Sutherland has such an amazing eye for what look best on you.  I can attest to the fact that she’s never wrong .

(44 Main Street, Nantucket. P 508-325-6600. Information@Style Paris.Com)

There is only one place on the island to find finely crafted hats and accessories.  Head over to Peter Beaton, which is named after the owner’s son,  and be prepared to be amazed by their collection of hats.  Don’t worry about getting the hats off of Nantucket in one piece, because each one comes with an elegant looking and sturdy hat box.

If you are looking for something that is trendy and fun, Eye of the Needle, on 14 Federal Street,  is for you.  Look no further than the hand painted Birkin Beach Bags and knock off Hermes belts in an array of two tone leather.


I gathered up some friends to help make a dent in the local economy.  Shopping therapy was the order of the day and our mission was accomplished.

For one of a kind antiques and clothes, just mosey down Federal street, passed several doors, to Atlantic.  

The owner is a genius at selecting unique and one of a kind clothes that are not sold in any other US store.


There are Nantucket red shorts and pants and then there are Nantucket red shorts and pants.  The only place to buy the real deal  is at Murray’s Toggery Store at the top of Main Street.


Murray’s  is the site where R.H. Macy’s had his first retail store.  It’s the only mini-department store on the island.

Another shop that is a rare find is the Nantucket Looms.

What they are primarily known for are their hand woven blankets and throws, though they do sell a lot of interesting homeware items.

Here you can custom order the most amazing throw blankets in the colors and patterns of your choice. I still use the one I ordered 17 years ago in our bedroom in San Francisco.


Tag along as I share musings on everything from family to business, which will hopefully inspire you and stir the mind. I am happy that you are along for the journey. Here’s to Living Lively!


  • Sheila
    June 24, 2016 at 1:37 pm

    Great blog Jennifer! I love your review of the shops!

  • Jennifer
    June 24, 2016 at 5:14 pm

    Thanks Sheila. Miss you!