Perfect Weekend Outing – Hog Island Oyster Co.

Hog Island Oyster Co., is an oyster lover’s paradise on Tomales Bay, where you can enjoy them straight from the source. A picturesque one hour drive from San Francisco, it’s the perfect weekend outing.

 We often take out of town guests for the day. Hog Island is a particular hit with Averell’s London friends.

Given the choice, I much prefer eating oysters and other locally sourced fare, admist the lively action of a working oyster farm. Sorry, can’t resist peppering my sentences with  “lively”!

The unmistakable bow of an old boat, houses their on-site oyster bar, located in the upper picnic area. At communal tables you are served shucked and barbecued oysters alongside local breads, cheese, charcuterie, beer and wines..

Ready to be shipped to parts unknown…

Ahh…the moment we’ve been waiting for!

My all time favorite artisan cheeses –  Cow Girl Creamery Red Hawk and Triple Cream!

May I suggest a nice, cold bottle of the Vatan Sancerre.

With a five-acre shellfish lease on Tomales Bay, Hog Island Oyster co. began oyster farming in 1983.

Freshly harvested and unshucked oysters can be purchased at ‘The Hog Shack”, for take out.

I’ve never found out the origins of the canon.  If you do, please let me know.

If you plan ahead, which we never seem to do, you can reserve a picnic table directly overlooking the Bay. Here, you can gather your friends, shuck-ur-own oysters,  and grill to your heart’s delight.


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