Something Old, Something new… 

With wedding season still in high gear, you don’t need to buy a whole new outfit or even a new dress for each occasion.  A few well chosen accessories transformed my beloved Halston Heritage dress into a whole new look.

The same Halston Heritage dress as last seen in my post  “Get me to the Church on Time!”.

I wore a new Chanel jacket with a dusting of pastel colors and shining silver threads, over the dress.  It had just enough sparkle to be considered black tie worthy.

The jewelry that I chose to wear complemented the colors in the jacket.

My Pink Alexandra de Claris stingray clutch was the perfect addition to nail the overall look of the outfit.

Saturday’s wedding of  good friends of ours daughter was a lovely affair.   The ceremony was performed on a lawn overlooking the San Francisco Bay, followed by dinner in the ballroom where we sat at long tables that were adorned by garlands of olive tree branches and white flowers, and then dancing outside on the terrace under a cascade of illuminated lanterns.

It was an evening to remember, at which I garnered enough great ideas for the sometime in the future nuptials of my three daughters.  Remember, no pressure girls!


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