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Black and White Fashion for Spring!

  Pairing Black and white clothes is perfect for spring or an anytime look. Like the ebony and ivory keys on the piano, black and white outfits are classic and meant to be played off of each other. Black is usually associated with sophistication. It also has an added benefit of making you look slimmer, especially

An Eye for Exotics

When I enter the doors of Paxton Gate, I always feel as though I’m in a natural history museum, where shopping becomes discovery. Where else can you find carnivorous plants, roaring lion heads and finger chopping beetles? Described by a friend of mine a Hermes for witches and wizard, the store definitely holds you spellbound.

Discovering Gold in San Francisco!

    With all the tech growth in the Bay area, San Francisco has become more vibrant than ever. Neighborhoods are now teeming with new restaurants and fun, interesting things to do. I recently visited Valencia Street, in the Mission District. It’s a hip, fun slice of the city . My favorite place there to

Where to Shop for the Man who has Everything!

Yes, I’m referring to my husband, who isn’t materialistic and very content with the few, well-curated pieces that he owns. That’s all fine and great until his birthday or Christmas rolls around and I throw myself into full throttle search mode for that very special gift!     My search comes to a screeching halt