Trippin’ through the Summer of Love

(photo by Ashley Urban)

As I enter the time warp that is The Summer of Love Experience: Art Fashion and Rock and Roll at the De Young Museum, I immediately feel myself transported back to the 1967 and the summer I spent then in San Francisco.

(Photo by Ashley Urban)

It was a time when artists, activists, writers and musicians gathered in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury and created a unique counter culture and movement that defined the era.

And I was there to witness it, albeit from the back seat of my Godfather’s cherry red Lincoln Continental, as we cruised Haight Street.

(Photo by Ashley Urban)

As a “well brought up” young lady, attending private all girl school in Manhattan, and living on its tony upper east side, the whole scene was more than eye opening to me.

At the time it felt revolutionary and something that I had never seen before. How I longed to be a part of the scene, though as a geeky teenager of 12, I certainly lacked the confidence to do so.

Thinking back I wish I had been older so I could have been more than a silent spectator.  1967 was also the year of the iconic Monterey Pop Festival, where Janis Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix performed.

Whiling away an hour at this art extravaganza, which is more entertaining event than art exhibition, was such breezy escapist fun that brought back memories of that summer 50 years ago.

The 400-plus-object show is unapologetically superficial and that’s cool. I mean when was the last time you’ve been to a museum that quoted Jerry Garcia?

Framed by hot pink, tangerine dream and other eye-popping, acid dropping colors, the show’s installations take up most of the museum’s ground floors.

The exhibits are a mash-up of art, clothing, jittery hallucinatory films; documentaries on Human Be-Ins and demonstrations, light shows, album cover art for 1960s rock royalty.

While the aroma of dope won’t be wafting through the galleries, sounds of rock&roll do.

The fashions, displayed on mannequins and in glass cases are a kick. One more than one occasion, I heard women reminiscing about some of the same fashions they had worn back then.

There were several pieces that I would love to wear now, like this black show stopper.

So if you have the time, boogie on over to the De Young, where the exhibit will be open though August 20th.

(Photo by Ashley Urban)

What were you doing during the summer of “67?

Peace, Love and Rock and Roll!!!!!


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    April 21, 2017 at 2:25 pm

    I think I had my first and only pair of GO-GO BOOTS!I was in LOVE with BOBBY SHERMAN………….and always building a barn in our side yard in MILL VALLEY, CALIFORNIA.If we had visitors from out of STATE my MOTHER would always drive them through HAIGHT ASHBURY…………I was in the backseat…..NO SEAT BELT DAYS most likely looking at the FLOOR than out the window!I was SEVEN years old and too young to partake nor was it MY THING!
    Lovely seeing YOU last night!

  • Jan
    April 21, 2017 at 10:55 pm

    I was in college, and in the midst of it all. But, the Summer of Love wasn’t just in San Francisco, and it wasn’t just that summer. It was everywhere there were young people, throughout our college years during the 1960’s. You had to have been there, and old enough to participate, to really understand the spirit of those times, and how they affected our lives ever afterwards. Even more exciting for me that summer was preparing to make my first visit to England – in the height of the days of mod rockers and Carnaby Street – and going to The Cavern in Liverpool, just after the Beatles had moved on to bigger venues. England rivaled the US as the place to be to soak up the 1960s!

  • Jennifer
    April 22, 2017 at 5:10 pm

    Jan: I love hearing what you were up to back then. How exciting Carnaby Street must have been and going to the Cavern in Liverpool post Beatles. I wish I could have been there. Do you still have some of the clothes that you wore back then?

  • Jennifer
    April 22, 2017 at 5:12 pm

    Did you hold onto those Go-Go Boots? You must have looked fabulous wearing them. I loved the fact that your mother use to take friends from out of state to visit Haight Ashbury, especially with you in the back seat. You’re rights those were the days without seat belts. It’s amazing we survived. I too loved seeing you the other night and meeting some of your friends.

  • kay wisniewski
    June 23, 2017 at 4:24 pm

    I remember shopping with you at a hippy shop where you bought a pair of Prussian Blue cords. We were in 8th grade and I remember feeling some trepidation about entering such a realm of cool. But you reassured me and we had a good time. If I remember aright, the guy who worked there liked flirting with us jail bait.
    I hope you read your comments before publishing them cause what follows is private. Mike has a convention in San Diego starting this Monday and I am coming along. My first trip west of PA. I will be checking out the post you did on SD, but I also wonder if you are free Sunday night the 3rd? If so, would love to see you and Eric or just you. Perhaps we could meet somewhere, that is, if you are free. Mike has dreams of retracing his ’77 motercycle trip so its been hard to pin him down on when we will be there. My only solid request is to stop at Muir Woods on our way north. Is there anything else mindblowing I should insist on? On the 3rd we will be waiting for our after midnight flight home, so I know we will be around.

    Anyway, get in touch. I no longer do my blog but my cell 267 212 3591. It would be great to touch base.
    I love your blog and your typeface. Serif all the way!
    Take care

  • Jennifer
    June 29, 2017 at 6:31 pm

    So sorry Kay, but I just picked up you comment. So glad to hear from you. We are definitely free Sunday July 2. You mentioned the 3rd. Not sure what day is best for you. We’re available for either.

    You can come to our house for a drink and then we can walk to a local restaurant. Eric and I would love to see you and Mike, if he’s available. My cell # is 415-308-6552. I’ll try giving you a call so we can cement our rendez- vous. Can’t wait.