Every Thing Is Coming up Roses!


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Spring has sprung early in San Francisco! With temperatures soaring into the mid- 70s, cherry blossom trees have erupted in blossoms, as have the roses. So what’s a girl to do other than break out and slip on, an outfit I was planning on wearing this Spring-season and not mid-February!

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You certainly won’t get a complaint from me. I love warm weather and relish that the sun is out in full force after so much needed rain.

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The pink and turquoise of this light sweater from J. McLaughlin are my favorite warm weather color combinations. They make me think of sunsets and  Caribbean waters. It looks great over a pair of white- cropped pants, pale pink shoes and a bright color cherry Prada bag.

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Throw on a gold Shreve and Co. necklace and turquoise gold and turquoise  earrings and I’m “put together” for an afternoon walk around my neighborhood.

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I love the idea of mixing high and low cost items, to come up with the perfect combination.

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Here’s to Spring!

All Photographs were taken by Ashley Urban @augoldstandard.com


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  • Sheila
    February 20, 2016 at 8:38 pm

    Hi Jennifer Love the color combos, and the beautiful flowers!!! I’m so jealous…everything is brown out here in the East!