We’ve all been there.  You purchase something special and before you even have a chance to use it; your children or pets leave their mark.  Well, in my case it was a Louis Vuitton wallet that I bought with my initials emblazoned in gold.

I hadn’t even had it for a week before one of a corner was chewed off.

The bitch responsible for this was none other than our lovable pound puppy rescue Lily, or Miss Lily for those in the know.

When she was still a puppy, and not the mature three-year-old lady that she is now, everything was fair game to be gobbled up and fingers crossed, digested.

Among the things that she ate was half of our family room couch, countless extra large socks belonging to Eric and any food item, large or small that was left on our kitchen counter.

Before a particular dinner party, Lily devoured a full rack of lamb (bones included) and a berry pie and somehow managed not to be sick the next day.  Luckily we made it to Cal Mart right before closing time for replacements.

Now every time I pull out my wallet, I smile when I see the missing corner.  It looks a lot better than it did after our cobbler fixed the jagged edges by creating a neat semi-circle.

Now, I am the only person in town with an original Lily LV wallet.  Maybe, I can even start a trend.


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