Where to Shop for the Man who has Everything!

Yes, I’m referring to my husband, who isn’t materialistic and very content with the few, well-curated pieces that he owns. That’s all fine and great until his birthday or Christmas rolls around and I throw myself into full throttle search mode for that very special gift!



My search comes to a screeching halt as soon as I walk through the magnificent front doors of the men’s store Wingtip. That’s because it has everything a well heel and sports oriented man would every want and then more. It’s designed for a man who loves clothes, accessories, bourbon, golf, cigars and fly-fishing.


Wingtip, which is house in the original 1908 Bank of Italy, comes with massive marble walls and floors, outsized bank vaults, brass teller windows, a safe deposit room and doubloons (ok maybe not doubloons).

On the entry level you’ll find Lost Coast Outfitters, the only remaining Fly Fishing boutique in San Francisco, men’s furnishings, cigars, whiskey, casual men’s clothing and accessories and a full on barber shop.


I usually start at the fly-fishing Outfitters to find the newest gadget to catch the biggest fish! Let’s see if it works this time.



If you descend to the lower level and wander inside the Vault you’ll come across club chairs upholstered in suiting fabric and a scotch selection for those who want a nip, while being fitted.   That’s where a man can order a custom made suit at his leisure.

A few of my favorite pieces! (check them out on the site: wingtip.com)

Holland & Sherry Black Hearth Golf Blazer Button, $20 each (find them here)










Ghurka Cavalier Ii No. 97 Duffel Bag, $995-$1,595 (click here for bag











Peter Millar The Napoli Wool/Silk Soft Coat, $895 (check it out!)














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